This Is Why I've Just About Given Up on SPA's

Because You're Mine - K. Langston

I came THIS CLOSE to one-clicking this book and am soooooo happy I read the sample first.  I'm not rating this book but am stating my opinion on yet another self-pubbed offering with no editing and either beta readers who just aren't that competent or are less than honest.  The following are examples of extremely distracting typos and fuck ups that should take any normal reader out of the story except for those current 57 (yep, I said 57) 4 and 5-star reviewers.  The lone 2-star reviewer did not comment at all on the technical issues though she did have what I assume are legitimate issues with how a fledgling attorney starts a career in law.  I would agree with this seeing as how the law student in question is fucking her boss.


It is really not my intention to pick on this one author but if you read my reviews, you know my bullshit tolerance level is extremely low when it comes to errors and WTFery in general.  This is just another in a long line of poorly edited self-pubbed ebooks that are vomited onto GRamazon's site on a daily basis.


And onward to the sample:




(this could have been correct but within the context of the rest of the paragraph, it probably should be 'wandering')




(Ah, the difference one little word can make)




(such a common mistake but one of my HUGEST pet peeves)




(ride 'em, cowboy!)




(so many issues, so little time)




I'm sad because I sort of like this writer's voice.  Unfortunately, the final product shows that she likely just ran it through spell check and didn't bother to actually go over her work with a fine toothed comb.



Below are just some pure WTFery moments, for me, anyway:



Am I crazy or DOES IT NOT matter what the jury thinks?  That's the legal system, folks.  It is mostly correct that it doesn't matter what the attorney thinks about the guilt or innocence of the defendant.  However, a JURY of his/her peers is charged with deciding the matter of guilt or innocence, so yeah, I do actually think it matters what they do think.  And remember, this is an attorney and law student speaking.




In the section below, the main character, Madison, is talking about her roommate, Tabitha:



Um, really?  Now I know the public school system is in the toilet in a lot of cities but the last time I looked, you had to actually have a degree in education to teach.  And she doesn't just teach, she teaches music. What the fuck?  Did I miss where we were informed that Tabitha was trained in music education during the last YEAR after her stint in medical school?  The writer, I believe, has fallen into that time honored habit of throwing every fucking thing except the kitchen sink, into the plot.  Also not loving the change of tenses. 


So there you go folks.  Some readers think we should give a pass to first-time and self-pubbed authors.  My question is - Why?  These are supposed to be professionals who are hoping to make a living (I assume) from writing.  Then why not do it well?  That means technically as well as imaginatively.  I believe she may have the imaginative part down but she definitely needs to work on the technicalities. I sure as fuck won't be reading any of them until she does.