One Wrong Move

One Wrong Move - Shannon McKenna

This is the ninth offering in McKenna's McCloud and Friends series and it pretty much lives up to the usual McKenna formula.


The beginning of the book finds Nina (h) being injected with a super-psi formula by an old acquaintance and she is taken to the hospital where she is almost killed by the bad guys.  She gets away then commits a TSTL move.  

She goes home to gather stuff and get out of town and decides to change, completely undressing, surely knowing the baddies are after her.  Now you would think she would assume they can and will find her address and be showing up before too long but apparently not.  She ends up almost dying at the hands of the Aaro's (H) cousin before Aaro finds her.

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 Aaro rescues her and they go on the run.  


Let the instalove/lust commence!  Of course they sleep together almost immediately.  One thing the reader most definitely gets plenty of, is sex which I think McKenna does well, if formulaically.  Couples in all the McCloud books pretty much fall in instalove which in this case, seemed to work as this was definitely a life or death situation.  

Nina and Aaro are both injected with a formula that enhances/causes psychic abilities but they must receive a second injection to prevent death within 3-5 days.

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I mostly liked Aaro and Nina though their characterizations were shallow and not very finely drawn.  As is common in this series, there were lots of generalizations and not a ton of background on these two.  As this is the case with most all of McKenna’s couples, it was pretty much expected and not a huge disappointment but I wouldn't mind being surprised once in a while.  That's actually only happened once with Ultimate Weapon, which I loved.  What we did get was plenty of playful banter that made me smile and an uber-possessive self-made millionaire H who wanted to kill any other man who dared look at his woman and I was good with that also.


What I didn't like:


I got more information than I ever wanted about Miles (H in next book) and unfortunately, readers were in his head waaaaay too much!  And let me tell you, it's not pretty.  


Another drawback was that the immense cast of characters, both bad guys and good guys, was almost more than my poor brain could keep up with.  Note to author:  It is not necessary to mention every fucking character, past, present, and future ever written into one of you books.  I just don’t care.


All in all, I enjoyed this one but will not keep and probably won’t reread.