Dracula [Unabridged] Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks; Unabridged edition - Bram Stoker

2 and a half hours in and loving it.  I've tried several times to read the paperback but have had a really hard time with it for some reason.  It was too easy to set down and not pick up, then when I did finally attempt to continue, I found I had to start over!  I finally gave up a few years ago and got busy so didn't try again.


Downloaded this for free from Downpour.com last week and it is AWESOME!!  Robert Whitfield/Simon Vance is so, so wonderful as the narrator.  He goes from character to character with ease including Eastern European (such a turn on), British, American, male, female (though I always smile a little when he reads the letters between Mina and Lucy cuz they can be kind of silly).


I also didn't quite realize that the sexiness in most movie retellings of this story does indeed, originate from the novel.  The scene when Jonathan Harker is almost eaten up by the three female vampires actually made me squirm a bit. ;o)  


Most importantly, I finally see how great a writer Mr. Stoker truly was.  I'm just sad it took me so damn long to figure this out.


p.s. HATE, HATE, HATE the new Dracula show on NBC.  It's dumb, silly, and contains the bare minimum of the original story.  Having characters with the same names as the book doesn't make it right or good.