First Strike (I-Team After Hours)

First Strike - Pamela Clare

First of all the cover is fan-fucking-tastic!


Very sexy short prequel in preparation for Clare's next I-Team book, Striking Distance. Both protags are very likable and good-looking (of course) and the best thing of all is that Striking Distance will be out in a very short while (November 5)! 


I have been looking forward to both these books for many months and this is seriously one of the very, very few times I am actually considering buying an ebook when it comes out and it's over a dollar more than the paperback!


I love her poignant dedication which is in reference to the abuse inflicted on women and girls worldwide because...well, just because they're female.  


The only semi-weird thing was the very long author's note on how the whole damn thing came to be.  I just wanted to tell her "Hey Pamela!  It's ok!  I don't care cuz I'll probably love it no matter what!"  And I did. ;o)