WTF is going on with TWD???









Why was Hershel so hot to go out in the woods? Alone? By himself? Without protection? Why does a 14 year old boy have to tell him why that is not wise?  Beats the fuck out of me, that's for sure.


I am getting just a little irate at some of these characters this season (not with Daryl, of course, never with Daryl).  First the clusterfuck in the second episode where nobody thought it prudent to go down to the fence and check out why the hell the zombies are clustering at certain points.  When they actually start to push the fence down, THEN somebody bothers to notice the HUGE pile of dead rats.  Really?


And Carol.  Oh, Carol! Ummm...holy shit?!?!  Is she taking pragmatism to a new level? Is she just doing what needs to be done?  Or has this bitch just gone off the deep end?  Cannot wait to find out.  I'm sort of liking her this season but that's probably because I'm a cold, heartless bitch myself. ; P


I leave you with my granddaughter expressing her thoughts on love, life, and zombies: