Things that BBAs Say That Warm My Cold Little Heart...

"Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of keyboards and some will learn to leave reviews."


- Sarah Luddington



This silly-assed quote can be found here and a screenshot can be found here.  As ridiculous as it seems, I have to believe that she did indeed vomit this dumbass quote.  And as hard as it is to believe that an author would spew such wtfery that could hurt the money-making potential of her books, apparently this author has no problem doing that at all.


I'll admit I'm a little bummed cuz I wanted to try her books, but with her whining ad nauseam about the pooah, pooah widdle aw-tors being picked on, I just can't bring myself to try even the free one I downloaded which will now be dumped.  I can't help but think that Sarah is full of shit as she is claiming that she has received scads of homophobic hate email vilifying her for writing gay erotica.  Um, really?  Forgive me if I just don't quite buy this, cuz Sarah, have you seen the volume of homoerotica being sold on Amazon and other ebook stores lately?  Did you just really, with a straight face, tell all of us poor, dumb readers and reviewers that your feelings were so hurt because a few people took issue with your subject matter, that you risked the anger of potential readers by insulting us and in effect, screwing yourself out countless word of mouth recommendations?  Uh huh, I thought so.


Another favorite quote:


As with Ms Luddington’s books, often the hate is sparked by some perceived wrong the author has committed in their writing such as supporting Gay Rights, Gun Control, a religious stance or any other viewpoint with which the troll disagrees. They then go on to leave a string of one star reviews under various false identities and scatter barely literate bile onto any site that will allow them access.


(let me just stop and point out the weirdness in her referring to herself in the third person for this article)


So in effect, every one of us are so stupid and backward that we cannot reason a perceived wrong from an actual wrong.  Every one of us are so stupid and intolerant that we'll just take any old controversial current event/social issue and basically beat the fuck out of the messenger, in this case, that being you, Sarah.  Wow, you are truly a martyr for the cause. Not.


I also love this quote from the article (again referring to herself in third person):


Even when asked to step in, companies such as Goodreads and Amazon are reluctant to take action. 
“I asked Amazon to remove one review that actually accused me of filling my book with violent gay rape scenes. Not only a vicious lie but very hurtful,” continued Sarah. “But Amazon refused, claiming ‘It meets our guidelines...’


Do these twits hear themselves?  It doesn't matter, Sarah, if the book was ACTUALLY filled with gay rape scenes or not.  The reader perceived this, therefore it's true to that reader.  It won't ever matter how you explain it to that reader, how many powerpoints, graphs, pie charts, and tables you shove down that reader's throat, attempting to explain YOUR point of view, because his or her perception is the only one that counts.  As this review was about the book and not about YOU as a person, it met the guidelines.  Duh!


The article goes on to claim that another author was harassed to such a degree that she had to be hospitalized.  Psst...hey, BBAs...sometimes people actually are admitted to the hospital for real medical reasons.  I don't even know what the hell else to say to this outrageous piece of bullshit.


Oh, and by the way, Sarah, it's ok if you didn't hear yourself because I heard you and I will do exactly what you seem to want me to do, and that is to not buy your books. So congratulations Ms. Luddington, you've lost a potential reader because you can't keep your mouth shut.  Excellent job.