Hot For Teacher -- A BDSM Erotic Romance Story (Submission University, #1) - Nathan Stratton While professor/student tropes are not my favorite, this was a surprisingly, decently written BDSM erotic short story written by a man. Yes, I said a man. Generally I have found that erotica written by men degenerate into a mish mash of filthy words with no storyline whatsoever and the total denigration of women. I'm intrigued enough that I will be checking out some other stories to see how this plays out. My only complaints: while there was a decent physical description of the hero, there was none of the heroine (if I just plain missed this, I apologize). The author missed a great opportunity at a point in which she was looking at herself in the mirror and so I'm left with a blank. Also, I was slightly distracted by a couple of terms I would think to normally find in a historical romance (manhood, savage desire). Finally, though there were a few typos and a somewhat cheesy cover, all in all, this was not bad and I would read more from this author.