Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3) - Ilona Andrews I am not a raver of books in general as evidenced by my less than complimentary reviews of some. But these are some crazy-assed reading! There is almost nothing that I haven't liked about this series: Kate is a kick-ass, sword-wielding chick who doesn't think she deserves to be loved, Curran is one fine mofo lion shifter, who adores her, along with their constant smart-ass banter. Add a cast of great secondary characters and enough blood and gore to fill a small stadium and you've got yourself some major fun. This is the third I've read (yes, Andrews fanatics, I'm late to the game but I'm trying to catch up) and for the third time, I have shed tears, laughed my ass off, and talked to this book like it was actually going to answer back. Just when I thought I could sit and rest, here they went again, slicing and dicing through the bad guys. Suffice it to say, this is one of the very few books, that while reading the scenes in The Pit, I kept saying to myself, "God, I wish I could see this shit in a movie!!".The only extremely minor gripe I had was that in the near-sex scene, I thought the author wimped out on the description at a crucial point (i.e. ...his erection a hard, hot length across my lap.). Her...lap? WTH? I'm sorry, but "lap" can cover quite a bit of area and it just sounded weird. That sucker could have been knocking her in the knees as that could technically be considered part of the lap and boy would that have been awkward. Just sayin'. Definitely not enough to detract and entirely my own opinion. Curran is too sexy for words so maybe the author became dazed and lost track at that moment. ;O)