My First Blog Post

In honor of joining BookLikes, I thought this would be appropriate as a first ever blog post.


Thus, I give you, the email I received from GR telling me about the review they are removing and my response (emphasis mine):



Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 14:03:14 -0700
Subject: Re:Content to be deleted

Hello Jane,
We are contacting you in regard to the following review:
In the past, if a review was predominantly about author behavior and not the book, we would remove it from the community book page. Due to some recent changes to our moderation policy, reviews of this nature will now be deleted entirely from the site.
We will give you 2 calendar days to decide what to do, whether that means backing up the information through our export feature for your personal records or editing the content to comply with our guidelines.  If the review continues to violate our guidelines, it will be deleted per our policy after 2 days.
We would also ask that you refrain from posting content like this going forward.  If you continue to act in a way that is contrary to the spirit and intent of Goodreads, your account will come under review.
For more information about these changes, please see the Feedback Group announcement.
Best regards,
The Goodreads Team 
My response:
Dear Goodreads Support,

Absolutely no problem and thanks for contacting me!  

Actually, I've exported this review as well as all my other reviews AND my entire list of books from Goodreads and imported into BookLikes anyway.   Also, I will not be reviewing another book at GR but will instead post a link to each review on my new BL account. I will however, continue to rate books as I am allowed to under your new and improved ToS.  These ratings will never be higher than 1 star and will be given to books I deem deserving.
And BTW, thanks for posting your initial policy change announcement ONLY into the Feedback Group instead of site wide and via email where all members could see it.  I also thank you on behalf of the members whose reviews and shelves you deleted without notice.  I'm sure they really appreciated that!
Anyway, thanks again for letting me know.
Bye for now! :O)