Steal My Heart

Steal My Heart - Lisa Eugene Thought I'd found a new author but quickly figured out that she can't be bothered with doing the most basic research on what has to be one of the most easily researched occupations in the freaking world. I read the Kindle sample today and have a few observations:1. Heroine is a mysophobic (fears germs) nurse who cannot stand to be near anything stained or dirty and/or potentially germy including most people apparently. Normally I would venture to say this conceivably puts her out of the runnning to work in the nursing field. Well, I would be wrong! She is a nurse in the OR which for her, is awesome, because it is sterile and quiet cuz the patients are asleep so that's ok. Apparently she is not required to talk, let alone stand next to or interact with patients? Wow! A nurse's pay and not have to talk to patients or clean up their vomit, shit, or other excretions? Sign me up!! One other thing in the OR? Blood. Lots and lots of blood. And organs. And body parts. And blood.2. Heroine refuses to ride in a car of co-worker because of a stain on upholstery yet hops on the subway for her ride home mentally griping that she will need to use an extra bottle (bottle!) of bleach in her laundry. Really?3. Uses the word "hobo" to describe a homeless person. Author needs to learn how to use a dictionary which are actually on the internet now.4. Actually freezes and mentally wishes she were anywhere but in the presence of someone who is potentially injured and dying when faced with having to do CPR and is forced to touch "hobo" only because crowd in subway gets agitated with her when she does nothing.5. Apparently has trained in CPR once in eight years and has not used these skills once since then. Huh. Periodic recertification in basic lifesaving is required in order to continue working in a hospital.6. Gets turned on when performing mouth to mouth even though minutes before she was cringing because he had a dirty, icky beard that looked like a "hibernating animal". *sigh* Those pheromones will get you everytime.6b. Apparently she gets over her phobia fairly quickly in order to swap spit and other fluids with hero. You go girl!7. Sundry instances of grammar mistakes, weird and wrong word usage.7b. Uses words like "scoundrel" and "vexing". What? Are we in a Regency romance novel?Seeing how this is just in the first six pages I will definitely not be reading.