A Measured Risk - Natasha Blackthorne A story about a repressed regency widow who agrees to give herself over to a dominate lord for one month in order to get over her fear of horses and carriages. This story started out very promising but in the end seemed rushed and convoluted and I kinda ended up not really liking either H or h.Anne, Lady Cranfield witnessed her husband's death after a carriage accident. Since then she has nightmares, panic attacks, and other classic symptoms of PTSD. She observes Jon, Lord Ruel, at a house party and decides that she likes how he approaches life, unafraid and in command. He's very reluctant to help when she asks him to help her get over her fears but does eventually give in exchange for becoming his submissive for one month.What I liked: * The sex was hot. Jon was a very sexy dominant. I thought he used the right amount of command and attitude when he was instructing her. * The h wasn't tiny and fragile. She was a curvy girl with a big ass. What can I say? I relate. :) * The time period. I'm a sucker for Regency tales. * I liked that this story dealt with PTSD on the part of the h.What I didn't like: * Though the story started off with promise, I felt like it got hung up at times because of the back and forth between H and h. The constant "you will" and "I won't" got tedious after a while. Anne seemed to forget that she practically begged Jon to help her AND agreed to his terms regarding the sexual nature of the relationship. She constantly fought against his instructions and defied him which led to a couple of TSTL moments. * Sometimes the language seemed to get off track for the time and situation. One example is the word "shamming". I did look this up and yes, it was in use at the time but it seemed to be a very casual term and not one members of the ton would use. Anne says this word several times throughout the book. There were a few other instances I thought the language was a little too modern but not enough to distract too much from the story. * I didn't like how Jon refused to let her do menial tasks such as wash dishes. I would have thought this would have been a good lesson to teach in order to make her more self-sufficient but he went on and on about how she's a lady and shouldn't ever have to do these types of things. In the next chapter, he is insisting she learn to catch fish with her hands. Huh? * Jon takes Anne to a friend's (Mr. Kean) country estate and insists she attend an orgy even though she isn't comfortable, then deserts her and doesn't keep an eye on her. This is in retaliation for her refusal to become his mistress. He also introduces her to his fiancee (yes, I said fiancee) and encourages girl on girl action with her (see below). * At this same party, a couple of great opportunities for a menage came up (one with another woman and another with his friend, Kean). No menage. I was very crushed, to say the least. I will say, when Kean was first introduced, I was liking him and thinking he would have a sequel but by the end of this, I was disliking him very, very much. When Anne drinks more than she should of a punch spiked with aphrodisiacs, he is very unconcerned and even encourages Jon to simply have lots of sex with her until she gets over it. He behaved very irresponsibly and without thought for Anne, who he insisted he liked very much. If he comes up in a sequel he will have to redeem himself big time with me. * Anne left out a very pertinent piece of info regarding why she needed to get over her fear of horses and carriages. She is taking guardianship of a 3 year old half sister and needs to meet her ship in another town which means she will need to travel. She could have told him at any time during the month they were alone but didn't. Why? * The last few chapters were strange. Jon would not leave poor Anne alone! Don't get me wrong - of course I wanted them to have their HEA but I would have liked to see Anne become self-sufficient and able to handle difficult situations on her own instead of depending on someone else. Instead, he was constantly in her path, not allowing things to play out and Anne to learn to get along in the world. He started to seem obsessive and clinging and it was a little creepy to be honest.I like the writing style of this author a lot and actually have 2 previous books I haven't read. I'm hoping I like those better.