Twisted by Love (Reincarnation Tales, #1) - Jasmine Haynes Suspenseful and steamy with a side of paranormal and a 70 year old murder mystery. JH is mainly known for her erotic romances (which are awesome BTW) so I was anxious to read this book which has been on my Kindle for a while. It was crafted just as well as always and had some genuinely creepy moments.Livie and Bern work in the same office building and after eyeballing each other for a couple of weeks, finally meet. They realize right away that there is something deeper going on, like maybe they've know each other forever. As it turns out, they kind of have known each other, many times in fact. Throw in an unbalanced sister prone to histrionics and violence and you've got a story. As star said in her review, JH didn't drag out the drama of the romance too much which was good. I think either this could have been made into a novel in order to deal more with the additional reincarnation aspect or take out the crazy sister altogether in order to concentrate more on the mystery.JH is always going to be a go-to author for me because I love her characters. There are no zillionaire playboys looking for (very) young, submissive TSTL chicks. She always populates her books with mature protagonists and secondary characters with real jobs and you know, as a real person myself, I like that! ;o)One teensy tiny thing I would change? Updating some of the tech speak: crazy sister talked about that "GPS thing", Livie printed off directions instead of pulling up maps. No biggie but that kind of stuff tends to take me out of the story a little bit.