Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1) - Tessa Bailey This one started out with so much promise and a solid 4-stars but then the "WTF's" started piling up about 80% into the book and just didn't stop. Loved the heroine 'til almost the end and definitely loved the dirty mouthed cop up until he lost all professional integrity. should have that when you're a cop.Ingredients:1 Dirty Mouthed, Straight-laced cop (weeeellll...mostly straight-laced)1 Smart Mouthed Bartender1 Foul Mouthed Little Sister1 Drug Addicted Skanky Mother1 Drug Dealer1 Bag of Drug Dealer's MoneyInstructions:First add smart mouthed heroine to dirty mouthed, straight-laced cop and watch the sparks fly. She shakes her ass and he grits his teeth - a lot. Doesn't matter cuz with sexual chemistry like this who needs to really get along, right? Stir in foul mouthed little sister and worthless skanky drug addicted mother and you've got this story. Throw in a cast of a thousand (mostly cops and their drunk girlfriends) with teensy bits of info that never really tell you much of anything about these people. Stir just until moistened. Finally, have the cop and the bartender have rough sex on every available surface morning, noon, and night and then argue and keep secrets the remainder of the time. Bake for about 20 chapters. Then in chapter 21 make sure the dirty mouthed, straight-laced cop forgets everything he learned in cop school and sacrifices his professional integrity for said uninterrupted rough sex in order that smart mouthed GF isn't found by skanky druggie mother. Do this by "hiding" background report/missing persons report filed by skanky druggie mother and make sure also not to tell GF that you know she stole a bag of the drug dealer's money.Have smart mouthed GF get a wild hair up her ass and run back to the scene of the crime "to make things right" in regard to the stolen drug money, get taken prisoner by drug dealer's henchmen, leaving her sister and dirty mouthed, cop to worry about where she is and what she's doing. It's done when dirty mouthed cop rescues smart mouthed GF from the clutches of sleazy drug dealer. Cue touchingly emotional moment when GF listens to the gazillions of voice mails left by BF while she was busy doing the right thing and hears BF spill his guts.Ah ah ah! Not done yet!! It's really done when we read the epilogue that reiterates (again) how sexually compatible smart mouth bartender and dirty mouthed cop are (again).