Learning To Love - Lauren Pippa ETA 8/29/13: Looks like Not-So-Super-Mod had all seven (yes, I said seven) of her profiles deleted as well as her alias. I'm happy to see that the process apparently works. Now if only Ammy would follow suit and boot all the filthy socks there.Now Mystery & Crime Thrillers group, show your good faith and unblock the over 200 GR members Not-So-Super-Mod preemptively blocked several days ago. It's the right thing to do.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For anyone who is a member of a certain mystery book group, your mods are lying to you. One Not-So-Super-Mod is on a major power trip deleting members right and left because they "might" be a part of the BBA group. She has arbitrarily kicked out longtime members of that group with, I suspect, no explanation whatsoever. Instead of researching/investigating both sides of the Lauren Pippa (Howard) fiasco, Miss Jump-to-Conclusions and her minions have taken Ms. Pippa's/Howard's and her minions word that she was attacked and threatened. I'm not going to try to explain the whole thing to you here because other people have done it so much better.If you care to read a well-constructed timeline of events, go here: http://darkwriter67.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/reality-on-goodreads-your-mileage-may-vary/and here: http://darkwriter67.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/addendum-reality-on-goodreads/This is a good post on it too: http://rosepetals1984.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/soapbox-saturday-the-author-who-cried-bully-and-few-heard-the-truth/You won't catch cooties if you read these but you may in fact, read the truth. Cuz sure as anything, Judge/Jury/Executioner Mod is not giving it to you.And yes, I have shelved Lauren's book on my snarky shelves because it is my right to do so just as it's your right to shelve books as you see fit on your profile. See how that works?