Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Tons of fighting, fucking, and dirty talk. Sometimes this is just what I need. No thinking required.I was never very sure of why Bennett disliked Chloe so much but to be honest, I don't think we were supposed to care. He had a wonderful family and childhood from what I could tell. Same with Chloe though it was mentioned that she was in Chicago in the first place to live with her mother for the last few months of her mom's life. Her dad lived in South Dakota (I think) and when Chloe visited him at one point in the book, she mentioned that they reminisced about her mother soooooo I don't know or don't remember why her mother was not in SD or why her dad was not in Chicago and frankly didn't really care in the long run.Suffice it to say,that eventually they come to an understanding though I don't know if I necessarily believed in their HEA as there was really very little 'talking', with words anyway, throughout the book. Throw in a 'big misunderstanding', some moping, some groveling and the requisite 'big gesture' and you've got a harmless if mediocre book which I didn't regret spending a few hours on.I am almost done with [b:Beautiful Stranger|16117506|Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard, #2)|Christina Lauren||21935683] and did preorder [b:Beautiful Player|17831614|Beautiful Player (Beautiful Bastard, #3)|Christina Lauren||24948167] from Amazon Kindle. This is the one I'm actually looking forward to the most cuz I'm a sucker for a Pygmalion trope. ;o)